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About Sparking The Muse

Sparking The Muse is the rousing artwork of Gina Terzino.  It is with her art that she aims to spark your Muse.   Firing ideas, thoughts, emotions, creative impulses, and positivity, Gina’s art speaks to those dreams within us all, inspiring us to boldly perform as we want to on this stage called “Life”.   If she can move you to dream it, think about it, feel it, turn it around into something powerful in your life, then she has done what she set out to do.  You, ignited!

Gina is an artrepreneur, an artist who is also an entrepreneur. She began Sparking The Muse to bring her artwork directly to people, on objects they can hold in their hands, art that goes with them, wherever they are.  In art, Gina is drawn to the human figure--faces, hands, the body as a whole.  Born performers, we use our bodies to live our stories. Eager for people to believe in themselves, Gina believes wholeheartedly in the power of art to transform. 

Gina graduated from California State University at Northridge with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with Emphasis in Illustration. She has exhibited paintings and assemblage art in Venice, CA and in Boston, MA. She also has done numerous private portrait commissions, as well as graphic design and photo retouching for prominent luminaries in the music business. 

“The world is shifting and old paradigms are giving way to new ways of thinking about ourselves, others, and how we interact with one another.  There's a new human emerging.  Humans of boldness, of rebellion.  Humans who will fight, not only to defend themselves, but to defend others, as well.  Ones who equally have great wells of compassion.  They love and laugh easily, play with and comfort children, and may or may not have any of their own.  They see the vastness, the interconnectedness, of the universe.  They are fierce in defending others' rights to self-actualization, including their own.  They are blissful warriors.  They will swear and sing.  They are sharp and soft.  They have no regard for gender roles, living outside of that culture.  They revere both creation and destruction, beauty and ugliness.  But never the destruction of a human spirit, nor the ugliness of the soul.  They are calm in their own minds, comfortable in their own bodies.  They like themselves as they are, and yet still seek to grow into who they want to be.  They love fiercely and completely.  They live by the internal codex written in their own skins.”

-Gina Terzino